Buy A New Laptop During This Time If You Want The Best Price

Buying a new laptop can be a huge endeavor. Between researching memory, graphics, battery life, and even screen size it can feel daunting. This experience is made worse by the fact that your perfect laptop might end up being out of your price range. This is where sales and seasonal price cuts can make all the difference to your laptop purchasing experience.

Whether you're a gamer, designer, or writer, figuring out exactly what you need from a new laptop can help you determine what brand, model, and size to shop for. It's important to already have a good idea of the technical specifications you want or need before shopping any sales. It's critical to do this research well ahead of purchase (and you're reading this article, so you're clearly already one step ahead). Since inventory can be low, especially around large sales and the holidays, you want to make sure you're ready to scoop up your new laptop fast without having to do additional research during limited sales windows. Plus, your priorities will actually determine when the best time to shop might be. Will you prioritize power or price point? That is the first question.

Prioritizing prices while computer shopping

If your main focus is saving money on a new laptop, then there are a few specific times a year that you can save the most. Most notably, the sales that occur around the Thanksgiving holiday can be the best time to find deals on electronics. This includes Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Cyber Week, which all boast some of the biggest deals offered by retailers all year. Plus, increasingly, retailers offer pre-Black Friday deals that make the entire month of November a great time to find your new laptop. With that being said, lingering inflation has made it more important than ever to plan ahead if you want to ensure you are getting the best prices.

Outside of the holidays, both July and late August back-to-school sales are key times to shop for laptops. July, home of Amazon Prime Day, typically boasts specific deals on technology. Not only does the Fourth of July holiday generally lead to significant sales across retail, but the influence of Prime Day later in the month pushes other retailers to lower prices in order to compete. This can make July the perfect time to find a great deal on a new laptop. Similarly, back-to-school deals in late August and even early September can lead to lower prices on laptops as students head back to campus and start the new school year. (Also, brand new in 2023 is the Prime Big Deals Day in October, which could be worth looking into.)

Prioritizing technology while computer shopping

If technological supremacy is the paramount consideration for you, then you should keep an eye on certain events and factors in addition to the holiday sales. Waiting for the latest hardware announcements from companies like IBM, Nvidia, and even Apple can ensure you get your hands on the latest technological advancements in laptops. Paying attention to product launches and events like the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) can allow you to schedule out when new technology is coming to the market. Apple, in particular, is pretty predictable with their product launches which can allow you to better plan your budget in advance of a new laptop purchase.

With that being said, the best part of next-gen technology is actually the savings it creates. Previous generation hardware is typically discounted immediately after the launch of new technology, which means you can get newer technology than what you might currently have for a much better price simply because it is no longer the newest technology on the market. When you consider that laptop technology improvements tend to be incremental, it makes the most sense to save a few bucks by purchasing previous-generation products.