Here's How To Properly Void A Check

If you're using your checks for payment or as a way of giving your banking information to a reputable institution, there may come a time when you need to void it as well. For example, any mistake made to a check, such as misspelling the recipient's name, adding the incorrect date, or writing the check for the wrong amount, could be reason enough to want to scrap it and start over again.

Also, it could be beneficial to know how to void a check when you need to give your employer banking information so that you receive your paycheck via direct deposit. A voided check can also be used to set up direct deposit or automatic withdrawal with the government, and with student or car loans.

A check contains all of your personal banking information printed on the lower section and it can be a convenient way of passing that along to trusted sources. However, the last thing you want to do is hand over a blank check to anyone or any company. Without knowing how to properly void a check, you could be giving someone your personal financial details and also the means to fill it out on their own and possibly take money from your account. So let's take a look at how to void a check and some alternatives that can work just as well.

Make sure you write clear, dark, and large

If you have run into a situation where you need to provide a voided check or void one you've just written, it can be done easily by following a few steps. First, before you write anything, make certain you're using a black or dark blue ink pen. This will ensure the message you write stands out from the rest of the writing on the surface. That way there's no miscommunication. You want to avoid the use of lightly colored pens or even pencils as they might be easily erased or not visible enough.

Next, in large letters, write the word "VOID" across the middle of the check, making sure that your banking details at the bottom are not covered. This will render the check void and no money can be drawn from your bank account with it.

To provide a voided check, you could either void one from your existing checkbook or you might be able to download a copy online through your financial institution. If you don't feel comfortable using a check to relay your information, then you might be able to fill out a direct deposit form with the same banking data. As for voiding a written check you've either lost or already sent off, then you should contact your bank as soon as possible and request a stop payment since you don't have it on hand.