Are Uber One Perks Actually Worth The Subscription Price?

There's no shortage of delivery service options in 2024. From groceries to alcohol to on-demand laundry, if you can imagine it, there's probably a service for it. With that in mind, even though you can receive fast delivery for something, it doesn't always mean it's financially worth it. Enter the membership subscription service — a new way delivery apps and companies are hoping to better serve consumers (while also guaranteeing brand loyalty).

Out of all of the delivery and ride-hail options available today, perhaps none are as famous as Uber, which offers a corresponding Uber One membership for those looking for a subscription option. The program launched in the fall of 2021. With Uber One, members receive perks for both Uber and Uber Eats app services; this can add up to even more savings for those who might regularly use both Uber ride-share as well as Uber Eats for food and/or grocery delivery. The monthly price for an Uber One membership is $9.99, or you can purchase an annual subscription for $99.99.

Two years after Uber One launched, Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi told analysts in late 2023 (via PYMNTS) that Uber boasted 15 million Uber One members, with its members spending four times more than nonmember app users. Khosrowshahi also claimed retention for members was a full 15% higher than for nonmembers, showcasing that membership isn't only appealing to consumers but is also proving valuable enough for them to continue using the service. This said, while Uber One is clearly a popular choice, let's break down the benefits of an Uber One subscription and see if it is really worth the money.

Uber One perks

To best break down how much value there is in the Uber One subscription price, it's important to have an understanding of all of the perks available through it. For Uber Eats-specific perks, members receive unlimited $0 delivery fees on Uber Eats orders over $15. Plus, members receive 10% off on eligible Uber Eats deliveries (and pickups), as well as 5% off on grocery orders over $35. This can help to cut down on the associated fees that can often make ordering food delivery less economical. Plus, if your order ends up being late (arriving after the estimated time of arrival), then you might also be eligible for Uber Cash.

For Uber ride-share services, meanwhile, Uber One members can expect special member pricing (including 5% off on eligible ride-shares) as well as priority access to top-rated drivers on the Uber app. Members also have better access to customer service options in the event of an issue, are able to cancel trips without fees and penalties, and have the opportunity to earn Uber Cash for eligible rides. Another important member perk is that Uber One members can still benefit from their memberships across all countries that have the membership program, which can be especially beneficial for those who might frequently travel. It's also worth noting that if you have a select Capital One credit card, you can get your Uber One membership for free (through November 2024) as part of your card perks.

Uber One value

According to Uber, Uber One members save $27 a month, on average, through their subscription. With that in mind, it's important to realize your exact savings will depend on a number of factors. Between the perks and savings, Uber One can absolutely be worth the subscription price, but how much you get out of the membership really will depend on how much you utilize the services. The biggest thing to consider before signing up is how often you plan on using Uber and/or Uber Eats. Since you'll pay $9.99 a month (or roughly $8.33 if you buy an annual Uber One plan), you'll need to make sure you save at least that much each month just to break even. Also, note that even with an Uber One membership, you'll still face higher prices overall since you still pay fees on orders as a member and because many restaurants list higher menu prices for delivery services.

This said, regular delivery charges from Uber Eats restaurants can be as much as $8 without a membership, so it's easier to break even on the subscription price than you might think. This can be especially true depending on the kinds of restaurants and/or stores you might order from regularly (for instance, if you love a restaurant that's located across town, it might have higher associated delivery fees due to distance). Plus, for those who order frequently, free delivery fees alone (not to mention 10% off of your eligible orders) can make having an Uber One membership financially worth it.