Carolyn Osorio

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Baltimore, MD
Pratt Institute, University Of Maryland, Global Campus
The Economy, Personal Finance, Political Economics News
  • Carolyn joined Alb Media in 2023 and wrote for before bringing her years of experience in project management, data collection, and budgeting for events, campaigns, and organizations to Money Analysis.
  • She worked in non-profit communications for a decade, giving her hands on experience with everything from data collection to revenue tracking to organizational budgeting.
  • In 2015, she appeared on Fox News to talk about the economic toll of unpaid internships in the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign.


While writing was always a significant part of Carolyn's career in marketing and communications, it wasn't until she served as a Staff Writer for a local San Diego paper in 2020 that she was able to focus on writing under her own name. Her writing has been featured in USA Today, Elite Daily, the Coronado Times, Venture Magazine, and


Carolyn holds a BFA from Pratt Institute and an MBA from the University of Maryland, Global Campus.

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